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Create With….
For as many items to create on, we have more to create with! You will be amazed at how many ways you can create.
Glazes and Paints
Glazes are required for all bisque and stoneware. The firing process can change the colour dramatically. With a large selection of specialty glazes, you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to create unique and beautiful pottery, without any effort!

Our large selection of different paints will also excite your senses. We carry watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints. Let the colors fly!
Pencils, charcoals and pastels.
These are just fun to play with! Pick you medium, pick you paper, and have fun!
Freehand stencils make it easy to transfer a design or pattern onto any piece. These are most effective on flat surfaces.
Silk Screening
Want to make your art creation even more amazing? Try our selection of silk screens. Silk screen design are transferred using a glaze, silk screen and silk screen medium. This makes a sharp image that can be left as is, or coloured in.
Transfer Paper
Know what you want but we don’t have a stencil or silk screen for it? No problem, we’ll print off the exact design you want and you use transfer paper to transfer it to you piece. Just paint you design, and the transfer paper carbon burns off in the firing process.
Paint Pens
If you are needing a fine line, wanting to paint eyes or small details, how about writing something? We have paint pens that will help get that done. They come in many colors so no matter what you are needing, we got you covered!
Coming soon
Check our shop often, we are continually expanding! We will be expanding into epoxy, resin, Easter Eggs, and a whole lot more!
Have something you want us to carry or try? Let us know, if we can we’ll get it in, we love trying new things!