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A Family History of Pottery and Art

I remember as a girl, my sisters and I going to my grandparent’s pottery studio and getting to paint almost anything we wanted to. I loved my creations and I really loved getting to spend time with my grandparents. Those are special memories I will always cherish.

It started back in 1979 when my Grandma and Grandpa along with my Aunt Rose-Marie bought the ‘Pour House’ in Grande Prairie. Grandma and Rose-Marie ran the shop and Grandpa was the mud-man and kiln master. Back then it was a lot of work, but they truly did love it, and even after they sold it many years later, they kept the art going by giving lessons and painting endless pieces themselves.

My mom is also an artist, and throughout the years she painted countless acrylic and oil paintings, murals and even store fronts! Her passion continues to this day and paints at least 3 - 4 pictures a year. You could say we were surrounded by art growing up!

In 2018, my sister Amber, along with sister Kim, started Paint of Interest Art Cafe in Grande Prairie. Combining both the love of pottery and art, they created a place where anyone could come and create. It took off and is now considered the best place in Grande Prairie to paint pottery or canvas, or glass, or.... the list goes on!

Now I am opening my very own Paint of Interest Art Cafe right here in Red Deer. Along with my husband Neil, who will be the kiln master, and our children, we are very excited to help create memories and beautiful pieces of art that will be cherished forever.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a professional artist or have never picked up a brush in your life, come in,
Create What You Feel, it will be amazing. We promise!