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Paint On…
Wow, we have so many different items to paint on, you’ll never run out of options!
Some of the one you can create on are:
Bisque Pottery
Bisque refers to the first firing in pottery-making. Bisque is pottery that has been fired once and is a true ceramic material ready for painting
Once painted and glazed, the pottery gets fired again so it is food and dishwasher safe and the art is protected for years to come!
Stoneware is a clay that when fired to maturity becomes a sturdy, chip resistant material suitable for using in cooking, baking, storing liquids, as serving dishes and to use in the garden.
Since this clay is initially fired very hot, it can withstand temperature changes.

You’ll find that stoneware is both a hard and durable option for your everyday plate.
They can basically take a lickin' and keep on tickin'!
The best part, you can make your own design and create an entire place setting!
It's all in the glaze...
It is exciting to see the glaze transform and reveal its true beauty!

The latest craze is paint pouring, and we have a canvas for that! But let’s not rule out acrylic painting, oil painting, alcohol inks, etc.

Come in, pick out your canvas, and let the creating begin!
You might just want to draw, or sketch. What about coloring, watercolors, pastels? There are a ton of options and we carry the different types of paper you need to create exactly what you want.

A lump of clay is a mound of possibilities. A hunk of potential just waiting for your imagination. You can create anything from bowls to Christmas ornaments, plates, cups and well, anything you want!
Slumped Bottles
We take a wine bottle, clean it, lay it flat or in a form in the kiln, then fire it! What emerges is a unique ‘platter’ that you can use as a cutting board or a dish.

Want to add you own design? You got it! We have paint that will do just that.
Keep it or gift it, either way your next party will be exceptional and the envy of all your guests!
Come in today to check it out!